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Why Won’t My Camera Take a Picture?

by Elliott on September 22, 2012

Have you ever tried to take a picture but for some reason your camera just wouldn’t let you?  Here are a few reasons why this may happen:

Camera Can’t Focus Because It’s Too Dark

If it’s too dark, your camera may have a hard time focusing.  Most cameras have a light that is used by the camera just for focusing.  Check your manual to see if your camera has a focus light.  If your camera still can’t focus and it’s dark, switch to manual focus mode and focus it yourself.

Camera Can’t Focus Because You’re Too Close

All lenses have a minimum focus distance, which means that the lens cannot focus any closer than this.  If you’re too close to the subject you are trying to focus on, you will need to move back.  Typically the longer the lens, the larger the minimum focus distance.

Camera Can’t Focus Because Subject Is Hard To Find

If you camera is in autofocus mode, your camera needs a subject to focus on.  If your camera hasn’t found anything to focus on, it won’t take a picture.  Keep searching for your subject in the autofocus areas and if necessary switch to manual focus.

Flash Isn’t Ready

Flashes take some time to become ready after they have been used.  This may take a second or more.  Your flash may take longer to become ready if your batteries are low.  If you need to take faster flash pictures, you can get a dedicated flash and optionally a power pack that will make your flash recycle time lower.

Camera Doesn’t Like the Exposure

If your subject is too bright or dark, your camera may not think it has a setting appropriate for the situation.  You may need to switch to a manual exposure setting.

Battery Is Dying

Your camera’s battery may be low and this would cause it to not take pictures.  In this situation you may be out of luck.  You can try to turn off some features of your camera, such as flash, to see if your camera will work again.

Not Enough Space Left

If your camera doesn’t have enough space to save any more pictures, you won’t be able to take any more pictures.  Go through your pictures to see if there are any you can delete.  If that’s not possible, try to switch your camera to a lower resolution, although you may only get one more picture this way.

Camera Is Busy Saving Recent Pictures

If you’ve taken a lot of pictures in quick succession, your camera may take a short timeout to store the pictures.  You may have to wait a few seconds for this to complete.

Camera Isn’t Set Up Correctly

Make sure that your lens is seated properly and your aperture ring is set appropriately if you have one.  Also make sure that the date is set properly on your camera.  Some cameras won’t take pictures if the date isn’t set.

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