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Space Shuttle Atlantis November 2 Event Resources

by Elliott on October 29, 2012

In only a few days I’m going on the ultimate tour of the Space Shuttle Atlantis with the NASASocial team, limited to just a handful of people. I’m planning on bringing back some great pictures, information, and most importantly great memories of the experience. I’m also hoping to become a hero to my son’s first grade class, who assigned me a page full of questions to ask the experts at NASA. If you’re in Florida or the southeastern USA later this week, I highly recommend coming out to see what it’s all about.

On Friday, Atlantis will be moved the ten miles from the Exploration Park at Kennedy Space Center to the Visitor’s Complex. Since I was selected as one of the lucky few to go on this tour, I’ve done a lot of research about anything related to Atlantis, Space Shuttles, and Kennedy Space Center and have found some great resources.

Kennedy Space Center Atlantis Exhibit

This link is the landing page for the November 2nd event. There’s information about packages you can purchase to see the event.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex Activities

This site outlines the exhibits and activities going on at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex on November 2. The day starts at 9am and ends at 8pm. “Atlantis makes the final leg of the journey, traveling in front of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex beginning at 5 p.m. An array of fireworks will illuminate the skies of Kennedy Space Center, the grand finale to an extraordinary day.”

Kennedy Space Center Exploration Park Activities

This page outlines events at the Exploration Park. I went to Kennedy Space Center last summer to see the Juno Jupiter mission launch. We visited the Visitor’s Complex and the Saturn building, and didn’t even know there was an Exploration Park. The park is a space where Atlantis will be parked for a few hours so that people can get a view. There will be exhibits there as well. “Exhibitors include NASA, The Boeing Company, Sierra Nevada Corporation, SpaceX, ATK, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne and XCOR Aerospace along with other aerospace industry giants.”

Pictures inside of Atlantis from Engadget

I found this page from the NASASocial site that has some great pictures of the inside of Atlantis. They have some pictures of things that you really don’t see anywhere.

Information about the November 2 move from Florida Today

This gives a nice background of the event and has some information about logistics and some information about Atlantis.

Airspace and Road Closures from SpaceREF

If you happen to be driving to work through Cape Canaveral and are wondering why it’s taking you 6 hours to get there, you really should have read this article first. Since you’re stuck anyways, why don’t you read some articles on this site. :-D

Information about the November 2 Atlantis Move by Orlando Attractions Magazine

This page has information about the event including logistics and also talks about the different tour packages you can get.

Space Shuttle Atlantis’ last launch

If you’ve wondered if Space Shuttles did anything other than drive around city streets and get ferried through rivers, this is a good start. This page tells of the final Space Shuttle flight on July 8, 2011.

Behind the scenes look at the final display location for Atlantis

This page talks about the final display location for Atlantis and how it’s being constructed. You can get an idea of what went into the building of this new facility.

Images of Atlantis moving into VAB temporarily

There are some great pictures of Atlantis from about a week or two before the big move on November 2.

More information about the Atlantis move

This site has some information about the Atlantis move and compares it with the Endeavour move through the streets of Los Angeles.

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